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The Funniest Joke My Girlfriend Tells - part 8

The clown stepped to the center of the ring, and asked for a volunteer.

Jack, surrounded by little children, frantically raised his hand, shouting "ME! ME! ME!"

The clown looked at Jack, sneered, and picked the little kid sitting next to him.

Jack shoved the little kid out of the way, and strode up to the center ring.

The clown, not recognizing him, said, "Okay, 'little boy', what's your name?"

Jack said, defiantly, "Jack."

"Well, Jack," the clown said, "are you an elephant?"

"No," Jack said.

"Well," asked the clown, "are you a chicken?"

"No," Jack said.

"Well," asked the clown, "are you a donkey?"

"Noooo," Jack said.

"Then," said the clown...

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