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The Funniest Joke My Girlfriend Tells - part 6

Jack dedicated himself to Revenge on that clown. He lived for revenge. And he had a plan to get it.

Jack studied diligently. He grew through grade school, then middle school, then high school. He got 1600 on his SATs. His guidance counselor asked him if he was going to Harvard or Yale.

"Neither," Jack said. "I'm going to clown college."

And so he did. He double-majored in Comedy and Revenge, with a minor in Practical Jokes. He passed all his classes with flying colors, except Calculus, which is understandable.

Jack never went out and partied, or logged into AOL chat rooms with the rest of the clowns. Oh, no. He spent every waking minute studying how to gain his revenge.

After graduation, he moved back home with his parents. He worked at a Toys 'R' Us competitor (called "Toys We Be"), evaluating new pranks and joke devices, for $4.75 an hour. Still he burned for revenge.

And then one day...

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